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Crouching Lion Hike Oahu Review | The Ultimate Hiking Guide

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The Crouching Lion Hike Oahu, Hawaii is a very steep and short hike with breathtaking views of mountains and the ocean below. I want to give you, my amazing readers, my honest review of this hike you'll read further down on this article. Isn't Crouching Lion illegal? How long of a hike is it? Is it really worth it? Should I add this to my list while visiting Oahu? All great questions to ask! And I hope to answer all of your questions in covering my article of the famous Crouching Lion hike located on Oahu, Hawaii.

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The Crouching Lion Hike Oahu is by far one of the best, short hikes you can do in Hawaii!

Quick hiking stats:

Distance: 0.5 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Length of time: 1 hour out and back (depending how many times you stop to take photos or break – it took us 20-25 minutes to get to the top

Elevation Gain: 216 ft

Cliff notes: 

Park across the street from the trailhead (google map location below), and you will cross the street to the trailhead. There are two ways to hike up the mountain. Once you enter the trailhead, you can go right or left. I suggest left, because it’s easier. Follow the trail up, it’s pretty steep, for about 20 minutes. There are a few rope areas, where you’ll grab onto a rope to help you up the slope. It’s not bad at all. But it can be very muddy, so bring shoes you don’t mind getting dirty! When you reach the top, to your left you’ll see the summit, and you can climb up if you’re comfortable. To your left, you will see the famous “crouching lion” rock formation!

crouching lion hike oahu

Where is Crouching Lion Hike Oahu?

The Crouching Lion hike is located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii on the east side of the island. If you pass the town of Ka’a’wa, right before you get to Kahana Bay, there will be a small parking lot on your right hand side, and the trail head is across the street. If you’re driving from the North Shore, you will pass Kahana Bay, and the parking will be on your left. If you’re staying in Waikiki, it’s about a 45 minute drive to an hour depending on traffic!

You can find the Google Maps location to the head here!

crouching lion hike oahu
Parking for Crouching Lion Hike Oahu

How long does it take to hike Crouching Lion?

The hike itself takes about 15-20 minutes to the top if you don’t stop to take photos. It’s pretty steep, but short. We stopped and took lots of photos, for this blog, and it put us behind about 10 minutes. It would take you about an hour to an hour and a half round trip if you stop and take a few photos. It’s pretty quick!

What should I expect?

Parking is just off of the trailhead, making it super easy and simple to find the trail.

Once you locate the trail, you’ll follow the I’d highly suggest wearing hiking boots with good grip if you plan on doing this hike!

There are two ways to go up to the Crouching Lion trail. I suggest taking the left route, on this particular hike, we took the right (in the photo where I’m wearing a yellow shirt), and it’s harder, steeper, and has a rock face with a rope you have to climb that’s roughly 15-20 ft high.

If you do choose to go that route, it’s still short and a great hike, you’ll come out to the overlook with the greenery outlining the trail in this photo. That’s the iconic shot! Then, you’ll follow the dirt path further up the trail, then you’ll be able to see a trail go down towards the Crouching Lion rock formation so you’ll follow that if you want to see those views.

Crouching Lion hike map
Crouching Lion hike map

Be sure to have your camera out 🙂 These views are so crazy the whole way up, it’s unbelievably beautiful. We couldn’t stop taking photos!

Also expect it to rain. We went when it didn’t rain, but it rains frequently in this area so bring a light rain jacket, and expect it to be muddy!

crouching lion hike oahu
crouching lion hike oahu
Crouching Lion trail rope
crouching lion hike oahu
Crouching Lion trail terrain
crouching lion hike oahu
crouching lion hike oahu
crouching lion hike oahu
crouching lion hike oahu
Crouching Lion Hike Oahu, Hawaii

Is this a dangerous hike?

Overall, no it’s an easy hike. In my personal opinion. The only tough part is the steep climb up the dirt trail. Just don’t get close to the edge because of the cliffs.

But, would I suggest taking your kids on this hike, probably not. Because of the steep cliffs!

What to wear when hiking here?

I recommend wearing waterproof boots or shoes that are non-slick! It’s located in an area that does rain often, so bring a light rain jacket and expect to get your shoes muddy!

I wore jean shorts and a light, long sleeve shirt, and my hiking boots.

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Is it worth adding to our list of things to in Oahu, Hawaii?

For things to do on Oahu, Hawaii… YES! It’s honestly one of the BEST hikes on Oahu. This hike would be my number one hike I would try to do if I were visiting for a few days. You get the beautiful, green mountains along with the best ocean views. Plus! It’s SHORT. That’s my favorite part, haha! Short hikes with a big pay off view is my favorite way to hike.

Be sure to check out my list of my TOP Things to Do on Oahu! They’re the best things, I promise! I’ve lived here almost 7 years, so I do know a thing or two about adventuring around this island 🙂

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