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Welcome to my travel blog! Thank you for taking time to be here and read about my story. My goal with my blog is to inspire YOU to get outside and explore this beautiful earth we live on, and to live life to the fullest. So without further to do, let’s dive into my story and how I moved to Hawaii, and got started in travel blogging!

My Story

I didn't grow up in Hawaii...

In fact, far from. I’m from a small town in Missouri. I love my hometown and where I’m from. It’s part of who I am. I love Missouri and always will.

I had BIG dreams growing up and used to tell people I would move to Hawaii someday. When I was young.. like 9-years-old it was “cute”. But when I got older about to graduate high school, people would say, “What that’s crazy. You can’t just move to Hawaii! You’ve got to be rich to do that. Maybe when you’re old and retired.”

How discouraging.

Despite the doubts from many, I made the team at the University of Arkansas and cheered there for four incredible years.

Fast Forward. . .

To day one being a cheerleader with my new team and we’re sitting in a circle playing a “get to know each other game”. We had to go around the circle and say two random things that we want everyone to know.

My heart was racing and I stood up. “I can move one eye… And I’m going to live in Hawaii someday.”

The day came when I graduated from the University of Arkansas and had zero plans. My future seemed dull. I didn’t have much money and my lease was running out in a month…

As you could’ve guessed I did move to Hawaii… hence, “Abby Hawaii”. But how? I’ve written books about the journey about defying doubts and making my dreams come true. I have one book out already called “My Journey to Varsity Cheerleading” and you can get that here. My second book: Becoming a SEC Cheerleader can be ordered here. The rest of the story leading up to moving and living in Hawaii will be dropped in the near future!!

Fast forward four years of living in Hawaii… I’m married to the love of my life Nash. I’m a professional photographer here on the beautiful island of Oahu.

We get to travel all over the world doing photoshoots for hotels and resorts for Nash’s job! He has a pretty cool job 😉 I get to help him out on all his projects when we travel and some occasionally when we’re in Hawaii.

In our free time we love to hike, go free diving, and lounge on the beach! Well I love to lounge on the beach, but Nash prefers bougie boarding or walking the beach.

So I had an idea . . .

While we were traveling, experiencing some of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life, I thought… “What if I started a blog and gave reviews and tips to people so they could experience the same thing?” I had several people reaching out all the time asking, “Where is this? How did you get here? What’s the name of this place/hotel?” Now with my Abby Hawaii travel blog, I can send them a link and help them out! That’s the entire goal of this blog. To help people out to experience this incredible journey we call LIFE! 🙂

Be sure to check out my favorite travel experiences and places on my blog! 🙂

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